10 Sep 2015

Is there anybody out there?

Hi folks

I follow a LOT of musicians on social media and a lot follow me back. However, not a lot send me music to review.

If you are an alternative band from Australia or overseas, I encourage you to not only follow me on Twitter, but send me links to your Bandcamp or other music share sites so I can source your music easily for a review if I enjoy listening to it.

Some bands don't even include links to their music from their social media profiles, which makes it really hard to hear your actual product. If it's about promoting your creations, you should probably get all over adding some links.

If you're gigging in Brisbane on the weekend, let me know! I've got my finger on some pulses but not all of them, so if you're playing in a little venue I've never heard of, I won't know of the opportunity to review your gig. Also, if you tell me about venues you play at regularly, it heightens my awareness of where live music is happening around this city, which is a good thing.

So please, don't be a stranger. Instead of stalking just introduce yourself and tell me a bit about your band, your music journey, and send me a link.


~ A ~

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