My Aural Fixation is my music blog centred around independent or alternative bands. My sole aim is to share music I feel deserves to be noticed.

While I studied journalism, I quickly discovered that ageism, sexism and the Murdoch monopoly created barriers to me pursuing a career in investigative journalism in my city, so I decided to create this blog and write for free instead, finding another day job to pay the bills.

I write reviews of local gigs in Brisbane (Australia), album reviews of music I've sourced from around the globe, and historically also did interviews whenever someone I asked kindly agreed to be interrogated. Some of my articles were originally written for online independent music websites Faster Louder and The Dwarf.

I'm not interested in writing negative reviews about music that I don't like these days, as I'd rather dedicate space to writing about music that moves me in some way.

I'm not about one genre, I pick what I like from different spaces. As obvious as it seems, I like to write about music that makes me feel something.

I will, on occasion, write about more well-known musicians if they appeal to me or are bands I've loved in the past who have released new music.

Thanks for stopping by. If you're a music lover, hopefully I'll introduce you to some bands you've never heard of and you'll support them by buying their music.

So sit back, relax and get your read on!

The artwork used in the logo for My Aural Fixation is by Shichigoro-Shingo. To find out more about this talented artist, visit http://www.shichigoro.com/. The artwork is used with kind permission from the artist.

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