Interviews and reviews

If you'd like me to review your music, please send your website URL to me via Twitter. If I like what I hear, I'll be in contact with you.

I only review EPs or full albums, not singles. I prefer to listen to your music by streaming it from your Bandcamp or being sent a download link. This is also more cost effective for you as a musician.

If you are playing in Brisbane, please let me know. As I don't make any money from this venture, it is a pre-requisite for live reviews that I receive free access to the gig. I also require at least 24 hours notice of confirmation via email that my name will be on the door.

Press releases

Please ask me if I'd like to be included before you pop my email address on your press releases list.


If you're a new media ad agency or the like, please do not spam me about placing advertising on my site.

I also do not include paid content from 'expert guest bloggers' on my site. I am a blogger, it's my website, therefore I am the expert guest blogger...

I do not include my email on this page because when I do, I receive too much spam from music industry PR types and ad agencies. So I hope you're on Twitter!