28 September 2006

Metallic Falcons - Desert Doughnuts

Desert Doughnuts is an ambient journey to the centre of the soul. Coco Rosie's Sierra Casady and Voodoo-Eros' Matteah Baim have created an album that sounds like a soundtrack to sleeping in a moonlit desert, surrounded by nature and the beauty of the world.

Sounding like it was recorded in a cathedral somewhere in the next galaxy, the album has moments of drama, with spoken word throughout. Operatic samplings layered beneath trip-hop beats creates music perfect for meditation, sleeping, or getting stoned.

Soothing to the soul, the songs remind me of raindrops spattering a dance on a tin roof. "Silent Night", "Berry Metal" and "Misty Song" entrance me. The vocals remind me of Maddy Prior from '70s folk-rock group, Steeleye Span, with pagan tinges of richness and melody.

Jazzy, smokey sensations and tribal yearnings resplendent in sirenesque pleas. This album is delicate and intoxicating.

This review was written for The Dwarf.

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