27 June 2012

Model Kaos : Ghost Market

From the first notes of this album, the music of Model Kaos will entice you deeper into their world.

In the first track Ghost Market, Middle Eastern sounds delicately flirt and then other instruments join to create a richer tapestry. I am immediately reminded of Gary Numan's Exile album, which is a fantastic start.

The reverb on the vocals lends them a grandiose and somewhat commanding character. The overall sound is of late '80s goth electronica, however there is a depth akin to music developed by Sisters of Mercy that creates a darker aura.

The synth sounds specifically are what lend an '80s feel to this music - the tone of the keys in the second track - Love is Murderous - resembles '80s hit Fade to Grey. Where the guitar comes to the fore, the music changes mood immediately and becomes more powerful. This is the first single from the album.

The third track - The More - sounds like it was created for an Industrial club dancefloor, and the synth sample in the chorus I found somewhat distracting. I found this song to be a little repetitive and much prefer the more complex, rounded out tracks.

Lead vocalist Alex Kintner has a luscious - if somewhat monotone - voice which deftly grounds the music as it wafts around him. This is very evident in the fourth track - Break My Heart - which is a slower piece, followed by Drowning in You which is accentuated by divine guitar tones reminiscent of The Cult and even Flock of Seagulls.

Your Desire picks up the pace again with more prominent guitar but then Emotionless takes us back to New Order style synth dominance. By now the vocals are becoming a little predictable; it would be great if Kintner could stretch his capacity more and bring a little more expression into each piece. Voices is more of the same and didn't really jump out and grab me.

Goodbye My Love is an amazing song, the vocals resounding with a deep soaring quality. This is more like it. Circles and The Calling are both very '80s style synth dominated and not particularly my cup of tea.

Overall, this album was rich with promise and I loved the songs Goodbye My Love and Ghost Market. If you are a fan of dark, gothic music reminiscent of the 1980s with big vocals and a lulling, hypnotic feel, you will love Model Kaos.

1. Ghost Market | 2. Love is Murderous | 3. The More | 4. Break My Heart | 5. Drowning in You | 6. Your Desire | 7. Emotionless | 8. Voices | 9, Goodbye My Love | 10. Circles | 11. The Calling

Alex M. Kintner - vocals, lyrics, visual kaos | S.E. Rotwang - guitars, backing vocals, visual kaos | K.G. - composer, programming, production, live drums


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