02 March 2014

Photos : Soundwave Festival 2014, Brisbane

Chino Moreno with Crosses proving that those signs only apply to punters, not rock stars ;)

Chino Moreno fronting Crosses. One of my favourite bands from Soundwave.


Sultry, with great wind machine action - Dir En Grey.

Due to equipment failure, Filter only played four songs. But my god, were those four songs amazing!

Richard Patrick...how did your voice get better with age?? Fabulous!

Dudes rockin' out. Filter. Haven't lost any of the magic. Check out their new album.

Filter. Sorry, bass player, but I just kept getting photos of your arse.


Pulled Apart By Horses. Very cool Nirvana-esque, Brit band.

Pulled Apart By Horses...taking me straight back to '90s grunge...

ZOMBIE! Always a great time, when I see Rob Zombie. And Piggy D...*drool*

John 5 just shredding his guitar with his teeth. Really incredibly talented.

Rob Zombie in front of his gorgeous backdrop.

Rocket from the Crypt. Apart from stories about masturbating to the sound of babies crying...they were awesome!

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