28 December 2010

Medollic : Dollhouse

Who is Medollic?
Medollic is Lix Bacskay, James North and Steve Pope. Lix and James first recorded together in 2006. In 2007, with a handful of songs and guitars in tow, Lix moved from New Zealand to Brisbane, Australia, where she, James and Steve began arranging, recording and writing more of what would become Medollic’s debut album, Dollhouse.

Standout tracks
Dollhouse opens with Black Begins, which reminds me of The Cranberries; fantastically catchy chorus and beautiful production, especially on the guitars. Breaking Days and Fable highlight the dusky qualities of singer Lix' beautiful voice. Dollhouse brings a bluesy, ballsy '70s vibe to the album, which I think would rock in a live performance.

Overall opinion
The album is a mixture of rock/pop, anthemic and more introspective songs which blend seamlessly to create an uplifting and delicate storybook of personal experiences. Strong undertones of female singer/songwriters such as Dolores O'Riordan, Ani Di Franco, Sarah Blasko and Fiona Apple.

Further information
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