13 January 2011

Queensland Floods 2011

At the end of December in 2010, parts of regional Queensland began experiencing flooding. This worsened until in January 2011 Mother Nature began displaying her fierce potential, reminding many residents of the worst flood we'd seen previously: the flood of 1974.

On January 11 the city of Ipswich, west of Brisbane, experienced severe flooding and by January 13, that water had made its way down to the Brisbane CBD.

These photos are of the area near which I live and are in no way a comprehensive listing of the damage. Regional areas throughout Queensland were also greatly impacted, specifically Toowoomba, Rockhampton and Grantham.

More information on the floods can be found on the ABC news site, and you can donate money to the relief efforts.

The photos below were taken around 9.30am on Thursday 13 January 2011 in the Brisbane CBD and at Rosalie in the western suburbs.

(All photos owned and copyrighted by me, Amanda Schneider 2011)

Taken from William Jolly Bridge looking toward Go Between Bridge

Journalists set up alongside the engulfed bikeway

Former bikeway

Looking across river from William Jolly Bridge toward West End's Paul's factory

View from William Jolly Bridge looking toward the CBD

View from William Jolly Bridge looking toward the Gallery of Modern Art

 The force of the water is phenomenal

Queensland Gallery of Modern Art

Looking down Montague Road from William Jolly Bridge

River views almost came too close for residents of the Riverside Hotel, South Brisbane

Looking down Grey Street, South Brisbane (Queensland Museum on the left)

Fortunately, alternative arts venue Burst City (far right) in Grey Street survived!

Queensland Gallery of Modern Art's back yard

Looking across to Roma Street end of the William Jolly Bridge toward submerged bikeway

Homes in the western Brisbane suburb of Rosalie hard hit - but thanks to Queenslander style of home, survived!
Influx of worms line the streets of Rosalie

Looking down toward Rosalie Village in Nash Street, Rosalie
Grill'd at Rosalie
Beck Street, Rosalie

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