13 June 2012

Blackbreaks : Blackbreaks

Blackbreaks is the self-titled debut EP from this exciting new Australian band. The music industry has needed a kick up the arse for some time, and Blackbreaks delivers.

Consisting of some well-known musicians from bands such as MM9, iNsuRge and Vae Victis, Blackbreaks' sound is one of gritty politi-punk washed down with a pitcher of arsenic.

Wailing guitars, passionate vocals, catchy song structures and a driving rhythm section make these four tracks immediately addictive and potentially the objects of aural lust.

Alienation, Black President, My Kind of Dinner Party and Radicals and Conservatives are all worthy songs in their own right; there are no fillers here. The latter has a bass line that is utterly infectious: dirty, filthy, wonderfully grotty bass.

You can listen to - and buy at whatever price you want - the EP on Bandcamp or discover more about Blackbreaks on their website.

Blackbreaks' official live debut will be at the Winter Magic Festival in Katoomba, NSW on Saturday 23 June.

Blackbreaks is:

Kerry Foulke - Guitar/Bleeps
Chris Dubrow - Guitar/Vocals
Kieren Hills - Bass/Distortion
Anthony Matters - Drums

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