02 May 2013

The Mekano Set : Hahaharem

I'm all about the 'wow' factor. That might sound trite, but it's true.

I've never written a positive review about music that I don't like, don't find interesting, or don't think holds some potential.

I'm not attached to genres and actually seem to prefer music that skips around such tags.

I endeavour to discover music from many different scenes so, hopefully, you -my reader- will find something on here that you enjoy and might be tempted to buy.

Today's pick is The Mekano Set.


"Fuelled by a love of extremes, dry humour, dirty bass-lines and swirling white-noise guitars; merging 80's alternative rock and Post Punk sensibilities with modern-day bass / beat driven music, The Mekano Set, smirking at genre."

My description:

Okay, so you are all aware of my love for 1980s music. The Mekano Set blends elements of '80s electronica with a depressed bass line, echoing vocals and a carnal groove. I'm thinking bass from The Cure with Orange Juice vocals and New Order beats, but bring into that mix a trance-like early '90s Curve aura, and you have something really interesting going on. The undulating melodic motion of this music glides across the skin like velvet.

Favourite tracks:

Tide House, Steel Comb, Hahaharem (Harley Quinn mix)


Milk - voice / baritone guitar / beats
Lee - guitar / electric 12 string guitar
Justine - bass / vocals

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